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Nuthatch by TiElGar
Didn't met nuthatches for months) Last week saw one)
Rat leaders by TiElGar
Rat leaders
Plushies of rats, who embody animal versions of two leaders of the Pack Rats from the book "The House in which" by Mariam Petrosyan. Orange is Red, spotted is Leopard :) 
Dash the dwarth by TiElGar
Dash the dwarth
Art trade with :iconiza200117:  Here is her "7D" OC Dash :)

7D (c) Disney
Dash the dwarth (c):iconiza200117:
Faun-type Pinkie by TiElGar
Faun-type Pinkie
Another request for :iconbengtzone: I know, You wanted to see her after Apple family, but, I got inspiration to draw faun-type Pinkie firster :)
Description from 
"8. Patissier Party Girl: Pinkie Pie

Description: Pinkamena Diane Pie is a sweet and funny girl. Calling her fat is like 'pouring water on a goose'; It would be pointless. Twilight and Spike think her hairstyle makes her mane look like cotton candy mixed with liquid bubblegum. She thinks of her baby alligator Gummy as her little brother first, and a pet second, if ever, at all. Mr Carrot and Mrs Cup Cake thinks of her as a surrogate niece, just as much as they consider her their apprentice. She also likes to make rock candy for her sister Maud."

"MLP:FiM" characters (c) Hasbro

Thank You, Friends!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2014, 12:34 AM

Yesterday was my Birthday, and, I'm writing this journal to say Thank You for all my DA friends, who said many pleasant things ans congratulations, who drew so nice presents for me :)

Happy Birthday, Ti! by Ihta from :iconihta:
Healing Flower by stars-in-well from :iconstars-in-well:
HB-Gift for Tielgar by Villainess-Vi from :iconvillainess-vi:
The Birthday, For Which... by Kinswaous from :iconkinswaous:
How to Train your Vampire- Happy Birthday Tielgar! by KoumoriJin from :iconkoumorijin: 
Ravena x Tinto by HeinousFlame from :iconheinousflame:
Grumpy by Hedgehog-Russell from :iconhedgehog-russell:
Happy Birthday Tiel! by Hekmer from :iconhekmer:
The Snow Pirate and the Fire Bandit by MarioStrikerMurphy from :iconmariostrikermurphy:
TiElGar's Birthday Cake by Anime-iac from :iconanime-iac:

happy birthday TiElGar in HK Style by AsmodeodeSinan from :iconasmodeodesinan:
Edited journal :)

Thank You all!!!

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  • Reading: still "The house in which" again ^^'

В "Доме в котором", кто ваш любимый Фазан? 

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Current Residence: Barnaul
Favourite genre of music: techno, pop, rock, country.. all ^_^
Favourite style of art: animation
Favourite cartoon character: tarces from "Omer", everyone from "Ruby Gloom", many from "School For Vampires","Casper's scare school", "Jimmy Two Shoes","The DreamStone", journalists from "Galactik Football", and most of other cartoon journalists, Dark Hand from "Jacky Chan Adventures", most of "MLP:FiM" characters and many others ^^
Favorite not cartoon characters - spice pirates from "Power Rangers Turbo", demons from "PR Lightspeed rescue" and many other pretty villains from these series; most from "Pirates of the Caribbean"(1-3), "Babylon5" and others :)

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Dorothy64116 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Sorry, I overslept.
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Rime and Willow ready! Can you tell me more about Crystal?
TiElGar Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Thank  You very-very much ^^! Crystal is from the same story with Dica and Conan, he is a member of Light Forces, who really cares about the peace and so on. He was sent alone on Earth before the conflict( which changed Dica and Conan) happened, and he tried to stop really strong and powerful magic creature Shadow (traditional  name >>'). He wasn't strong enough for it, and just sent a signal for others, and was turned into a stone by his enemy. Not into a stone monument of the unicorn, into a gem stone. This stone still had magic in it, and it happened, that some people found this stone and used it in one environment. These people were mostly accidental workers for the "Dark Side" of this story, they were not really bad, and Crystal even found the way to speak to them from the stone. Later he turned into a unicorn again. I think, he newer met Dica and Conan while the story, but, may be they can meet each other later, because he stayed on Eath. 
Here I drew him as anthro unicorn, even, he newer had such form) Akatava, Crys and Happenstance Energy
scifiman Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Thanks Love 
TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
Welcome :)
JDayton Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
Thanks for the favourite. Greetings from Canada. :)
TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
Very welcome :)! I like Racoons too, and also was impressed by logo "ren-tv" on the screenshot - russian channel, which showed these wonderful series here) It was interesting to meet Ren-tv from screenshot, coming from Canada) Sure, I understand, that that's the power of I-net :) It was just pleasant moment ^^
JDayton Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
I found this on a website called Lisa Raccoon Fanpage. Someone from Russia created the site in 1999 I think. I have a drawing I also found. For some reason it's not on that website. It's called Renee Raccoon. Based on one of the fanfics on their. I wrote some Raccoons Fanfiction, if you're interested. I'd like to go to Russia someday. Interesting history, especially World War 2. I hear people saying negative things, but I think it looks like a nice country. I'm glad I made you feel good. :)
TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
I think, i saw this fangpage. If where were a lot of  yiff thematic among fan art >>' But, anyway, good, than people do something in honor of their favorite fandoms :)
I hope, Your wish will become real, and You'll visit Russia someday :) Where are bad and good people everywhere in the world, no matter, from what country they are, and hope, that You will meet good ones) 
And I always liked Canada - thanks to "Racoons" , "Due South" , "Danger Bay", "Ruby Gloom", "War Planets" :) I don't think, that I ever get to any another country, and I'm saying it not because You said good things about my country (i'm not a patriot >>'), but, just wanted to say, that  I really like Canada, even thanks to series only :)
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scifiman Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
THANK YOU For all the faves !!!!! Love 
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